Weeds July 2010


Molly O'Day


Wit's End Tumbleweed (Weeds) 2001 Gelding  

Farmstead's Henry Johnson 2007 Jack

Farmstead's Molly O'Day
Weeds is our 14 year old show gelding who has a very extensive record of wins in the show arena.   He has been the Tennessee Donkey Association’s High Point or Reserve High Point Gelding several years.  Weeds has a very loving personality and wants all attention given to him!  He loves children of all ages and has been the focus of many parades and community events.  Our five year old grandson loves Weeds, and we put him in a saddle on Weeds whenever he visits us.  Weeds has been our daughter’s favorite donkey since we first acquired him a number of years ago, and Weeds will be with us for many years to come!If there ever was donkey that could capture your heart, it is Henry.  Henry lost the lower portion of his left front leg in an accident as a foal in 2008.  Following 5 surgical procedures and 14 months boarding and daily care at our local veterinary clinic, Henry was brought home for a couple of months to complete the healing process, whereupon he was taken to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Clinic to be fit with a prosthesis and to be provided several weeks of rehabilitation.  Henry has many friends throughout our region as a result of meeting many clients of the veterinary clinics.  Henry loves attention, and he gets plenty of it as a result of his prosthesis care every day.  During his many months of surgery and recovery, Henry could have given up his fight to live, but he never lost that will to live, as communicated often through his eyes.  Henry is now being fit for a new prosthesis, and it is hoped that he will be able to be taken in the future to hospitals and other healthcare facilities as a therapy donkey.  In the meantime, he will continue to live out his days at Appalachian Farmstead as a very special donkey who has overcome much adversity since his accident.Farmstead's Molly O'Day is a beautiful 2012 brown and white spotted jennet bred, foaled, raised, and shown by Appalachian Farmstead. Molly's sire is WLDF Tin Roof Sunday, four-time ACOSA National Champion Jack, and her dam is Golden Papillon's Precious Peridot, mother of a number of NMDA Grand Champions and National Champions. Molly made her debut in the show ring at the 2013 Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, which was the National Show for both NMDA and ACOSA. Molly was named NMDA National Champion Yearling Jennet and ACOSA National Champion Jennet at her first show! The next year, Molly repeated her performance at the 2014 Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, winning the NMDA Two Year Old Jennet halter class and then was named the ACOSA National Champion Jennet. In 2015, Molly was selected as NMDA Grand Champion Jennet at the Tennessee State Fair. In 2016, Molly continued her winning ways at the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, being selected as the NMDA Grand Champion Jennet and the ACOSA National Champion Jennet. She also had the honor of being selected for the cover of the 2016 Holiday Issue of Asset, the quarterly publication of the NMDA. Being named Halter High Point Jennet by ACOSA for 2016 was an exciting conclusion to a great year of showing for Molly! Besides being shown at 3-4 NMDA/ACOSA shows each of the past four years, Molly's sweet disposition has made her ideal for participating in various events for children and older adults in the Northeast Tennessee region. Molly has been a winner for Appalachian Farmstead both inside and outside of the show arena!

J.B. Royal Elizabeth


 J.B. Royal Elizabeth 2004 Jennet

J.B. Royal Alexandria 2006 Jennet

Farmstead's Dale Earnhardt




Lily May LedfordCinna

Farmstead's Lily May Ledford 2011 Jennet

Farmstead's Andrew Jackson
 2006 Jack

Frontier Legends Cinna
2013 Jennet

Lily is a very cute 26 ½ inch brown jennet who has captured the hearts of young and old alike!  I showed Lily in four shows as a yearling, and she placed first in two shows and second in two shows.  I have had numerous offers  both in the United States and in other countries to purchase Lily; however, I feel that her small size could be problematic if she were to be bred.  I also always take Lily to community events whenever a donkey is requested, and she is always the center of attention at these events.  She loves children and will follow them around like a puppy dog, and her size is just right for small children.  For these reasons, Lily will be a part of the Appalachian Farmstead family for years to come!

Farmstead's Hattie, 2016 FoalFarmstead's Banjo, 2016 Foal 



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