Willa and Liberty

Eli Moonpie 2015

Willa Cather
Winning Best Matched Pair, Willa and Liberty (Jerry Patterson),
2016 Celebration Show
Best Matched Pair, Eli Barsi and Moonpie, 1st Place 2015, Celebration ShowWilla Cather
2014 ACOSA Reserve National Champion Jennet
MollyMolly O'DayFin Moonpie
Molly O'Day, 2014 Great CelebrationMolly O'Day, 2014 Great CelebrationBest Matched Pair (The Grand Finale/Moonpie), 2014 Great Celebration, 1st Place
Admiral and ArchieA Winter Ride with Weeds and LilyShot of Pair
 Admiral Farragut/Archie Campbell, Best Matched Pair,
2012 Great Celebration
A Winter Ride with Weeds and LillyDolly and Weeds Sharing Secrets
TN State Fair  Best Matched Pair 2009Weeds Blue RibbonRocky Top 2008
Davy Crockett/Daniel Boone, Best Matched Pair, 2009 TN State Fair 2008 Tennessee Donkey Association Reserve High Point Gelding Rocky Top
Jenny and AntoniaDavy and Daniel, 2009 NMDA Champions, Best Matched PairRusty Reserve Champion Jack, 2008 TSF

Johnny Cash and Friend

Johnny Cash and Friend

Willa making the rounds at Great Celebration

 An Otis Hug

Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone--Which is Which?

Otis taking a break

Weeds performing in Coon Jumping

Rusty Weir, Reserve Champion Jack, 2008 Tennessee State Fair

Weeds performing in In Hand Trail

Eli Barsi, Grand Champion Jennet, 2008 Tennessee State Fair

Jackson and Carl--What a Pair!

Showing Can Get Awfully Boring!




Blonde Beauties







General Neyland "The Devil"




Weeds, a True Volunteer

Kitty, the Bride

Kitty, Winner of the Popularity Contest

Weeds and Jenny, Bedford County Fair 2007

Henry Johnson with a Friend


Luigi and Carl Perkins, Grand and Reserve Champion
Jacks at the North Carolina State Fair 2007

Elizabeth and Alexandria winning Matched Pair at the
North Carolina State Fair 2007




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