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Country Music's Rusty Weir
2006 Red Jack

Country Music's Rusty Weir 2006 Jack

Country Music's Rusty Weir is a superior halter jack and herd sire for Appalachian Farmstead. Rusty is by Country Music's George Jones and out of Country Music's Allison Spear. We fell in love with this beautiful sorrel foal while visiting Country Music's Miniature Donkeys in 2006 and had him shipped to us when he was weaned. Rusty has a very mischievous personality and is always a favorite of those who have worked with our donkeys over the years. He has a "look at me" personality, and he will do most anything to get attention!

Rusty has many halter championships earned over his years of showing, including standing Reserve National Champion Jack at the 2017 NMDA National Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee, at age 11 after winning his class of Five Years and Older Jacks.

Rusty has only had a few foals for us over the years, due to our limited breeding program; however, these foals have performed admirably, winning a number of championships. These include Farmstead's Chessie, Reserve Champion Jennet at the Tennessee State Fair; Farmstead's Admiral Farragut, Grand Champion Gelding at the Tennessee State Fair and Tennessee Donkey Association High Point Gelding as a yearling; Farmstead's Popcorn Sutton, ADMS Reserve National Champion Donkey at 9 months old; and Farmstead's Ruby Iris, NMDA National Champion Yearling.

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WLDF Tin Roof Sunday
2007 Brown and White Spotted Jack

WLDF Tin Roof Sunday, a 2009 jack, is one of our two superior herd sires at Appalachian Farmstead. He is a uniquely spotted brown and white jack by Short ASSet's Starfire and out of Frontier Legends Calico Queen. Tin Roof has an outstanding show record, having been named ACOSA National Champion Jack four times-more than any other spotted donkey has ever received. He has also been named Grand Champion Jack and Best of Breed at some of the largest NMDA shows in the country.

With very limited breeding, he is also making a name for himself with his foals in the show arena. Farmstead's Molly O'Day, Farmstead's Banjo, Farmstead's Hattie Hasseltine, Farmstead's Henry Knox, and Farmstead's Cas Walker are his latest foals that have won multiple NMDA and ACOSA championships. Tin Roof has a wonderful, laid-back personality that makes him ideal to interact with people of all ages, and this personality can be seen in the foals that he sires.

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WLDF Tin Roof Sunday 2007 Jack

Farmstead's Uncle Perley (Potential Future Herd Sire)
2022 Brown and White Spotted Jack

Farmstead's Uncle Perley

Perley is a beautiful 2022 brown and white spotted jack with outstanding conformation and breeding. Perley's mother is multi-halter champion and Reserve National Champion Country Music's Eli Barsi. Perley is Eli's seventh foal, and each foal has been a superb performer in the show arena. Perley's daddy is HHAA Goosebumps, herd sire for the Haworth's Half Ass Acres farm. We are quite excited to begin showing Perley in the NMDA and ACOSA classes in 2023. With his outstanding conformation, quality pedigree, and handsome coloring, Perley should be a winner in the show arena, and later as a herd sire.

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Willow Creek Luigi (Reference Only)
1998 Dark Brown Jack

Willow Creek Luigi was our original herd sire, and he was purchased by Appalachian Farmstead from Frontier Legends Miniature Donkeys soon after we began our original small herd in 2005. When we purchased Luigi, he already had a superb show record, as well as a superb herd sire record. Luigi was a multiple halter champion in the show arena, including standing as the ADMS National Champion Donkey, Grand Champion Model Donkey at the Fort Worth Stock Show, and Grand Champion Model Donkey at the Houston Livestock Show. He was also the herd sire of a number of NMDA National Champions, including one raised by our farm, Farmstead's Davy Crockett, as well as a number of halter champions, including Farmstead's Dale Earnhardt, one of only a few donkeys earning a Supreme Halter Champion award from the American Donkey Association. Luigi's many other winning foals bear testimony to his superb ability to sire champion halter donkeys. After several years as serving as our herd sire, we needed to introduce a new herd sire to a number of Luigi jennet foals, so we sold him to the Benson Ranch in Oregon, where he served as one of their herd sires before passing away a few years ago. Luigi was instrumental in helping create the Appalachian Farmstead quality breeding program, and his name is found in quite a few pedigrees of successful show donkeys and breeding stock.

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Willow Creek Luigi (Reference Only)
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