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Wit's End Tumbleweed
2001 Gray Gelding

Wit's End Tumbleweed is our 2001 show gelding who has a very extensive record of wins in the show arena. He has been the Tennessee Donkey Association's High Point or Reserve High Point Gelding for several years. He has also achieved his ADA Excellence in Halter Certificate.

Weeds has a very laid-back personality and wants all attention given to him! He loves children of all ages and has been the focus of many parades and community events. Our grandchildren adore Weeds, and they have successfully shown him in both adult and youth classes the past several years. However, they especially enjoy just jumping on Weeds' back and goofing around on him. Weeds has been our daughter's favorite donkey since we first acquired him a number of years ago, and Weeds will be with us for many years to come!

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Country Music's Eli Barsi 2005 Jennet

J.B. Royal Elizabeth
2004 Black Jennet

J.B. Royal Elizabeth 2004 Jennet

J.B. Royal Elizabeth was the very first donkey that we acquired as we developed Appalachian Farmstead. We saw Elizabeth at 3 days old in Las Vegas, and we made the decision to purchase her, moving her to Tennessee after she was weaned. Elizabeth is by multi-World Champion Mammoth Jack, Eagle Canyon Jacque Benny, out of Arc'o Annie, and foaled by West Farm Mules. We showed Elizabeth successfully for several years, including being named Reserve Champion Mammoth Jennet at the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and Reserve Champion Jennet at the North Carolina State Fair. Elizabeth has a very mischievous personality, and this has made her a very special girl at Appalachian Farmstead! If a donkey is doing something that they should not be, it is a high probability that it is Elizabeth!

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J.B. Royal Alexandria
2006 Black Jennet

J. B. Royal Alexandria is a full sister to our very first donkey, J. B. Royal Elizabeth, our only two Mammoth Donkeys. Alexandria was very successfully shown from 2007 through 2011, with her big win being at the 2010 Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show where she was selected as the NASMDA National Champion Jennet! Alexandria has also had one year of professional training in pleasure, trail, and driving.

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J.B. Royal Alexandria 2006 Jennet

Farmstead's Lily May Ledford
2011 Brown Jennet

Farmstead's Lily May Ledford 2011 Jennet

Farmstead's Lily May Ledford is a very cute 26.5 inch brown jennet who has captured the hearts of young and old alike! Lily was shown in four shows as a yearling, and she placed first in two shows and second in two shows. We have had numerous offers both in the United States and from other countries to purchase Lily; however, we felt that her small size could be problematic if she were to be bred.

We also always take Lily to community events whenever a donkey is requested, and she is always the center of attention at these events. She loves children and will follow them around like a puppy dog, and her size is just right for small children. For these reasons, Lily will be a part of the Appalachian Farmstead family for years to come!

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Farmstead's Andrew Jackson
2006 Brown Gelding

Jackson is a small, beautifully marked brown 2006 gelding who was successfully shown as a yearling and two year old jack. He was not shown again until the end of 2018, at which time he resurrected his show career as a gelding for our 5-year old grandson. At his very first show with Jackson, he won a large 8 Years and Older Gelding Class! Quite an accomplishment for our grandson and for Jackson, who had not been shown in 10 years! As our grandchildren continue to show, Jackson is back in the show arena for several more years to come. His laid back personality is perfect for the novice youth competitor as they learn the techniques of showmanship.

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Farmstead's Andrew Jackson 2006 Jack

Farmstead's Banjo
2016 Brown & White Spotted Gelding

Farmstead's Banjo

Banjo is a beautiful spotted 2016 gelding who had a tremendous show record as a jack through the 2018 show season, including several NMDA and ACOSA championship awards. In 2019 as a gelding, Banjo continued his winning ways, including standing as Reserve Champion Gelding at The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, and in 2021, Banjo was named ACOSA National Champion Gelding! Banjo is by our four-time ACOSA National Champion Jack, WLDF Tin Roof Sunday, and out of a full sister to the NDMA and ADMS National Champion Jennet, Frontier Legends Nellie Cashman. We expect that Banjo will continue to be at the top of his halter classes in the future, based upon his conformation, color, and disposition. He will also be a wonderful gelding for our grandchildren as they continue to be involved in the show arena!

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Farmstead's Henry Johnson
2007 Brown Gelding (Deceased)

7/13/2023: I am deeply saddened to have to report that our very special gelding, Farmstead's Henry Johnson, had to be put down this morning following several weeks of declining health related to Cushing Disease. Henry had many challenges over the years related to the loss of his left front leg as an 8 month old foal. Over the past 15 years he went through about a dozen prostheses that were specially made for him, as well as daily care in placing him in his prosthesis in the morning and removing it at night. He suffered through many wounds to his stump in the process, but his wounds would heal with treatment. Recently, however, his wounds were getting harder to heal and his health began to suffer with the diagnosis of Cushing Disease. After extensive soul searching and discussions with our vet, we all came to the conclusion that it would be best for Henry to be put down. I had a very close and personal bond with Henry, and I will miss his hugs and kisses in the days and months ahead. Henry was well known by many people around the country, and his special loving personality will be missed by all, but especially me.

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Farmstead's Henry Johnson 2007 Jack
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