Dixie Lee's Story

Appalachian Farmstead's Dixie Lee

Dixie Lee is an August, 2021 dark red jennet who looked like top show material the day that she was born. She is the first foal from our frosted spotted white jennet, Farmstead's Hattie Hasseltine, and her sire is our sorrel jack, Country Music's Rusty Weir. Dixie Lee did very well at her only two shows in 2022, and she is expected to continue to do well in the show arena until the time that she joins our select brood jennet band in the future.

Dixie Lee's Pedigree

Dixie Lee's Pedigree

Dixie Lee's Show Record

  • Music City Show (Shelbyville, TN)
    2nd Place, Yearling Jennets
  • Ozark Empire Fair - NMDA National Show (Springfield, MO)
    3rd Place, Foals
  • Music City Donkey Show (Shelbyville, TN)
    1st Place, Yearling Jennets
    2nd Place, Solid Color Class

Dixie Lee's Image Gallery

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