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Appalachian Farmstead's Henry Johnson

7/13/2023: I am deeply saddened to have to report that our very special gelding, Farmstead's Henry Johnson, had to be put down this morning following several weeks of declining health related to Cushing Disease. Henry had many challenges over the years related to the loss of his left front leg as an 8 month old foal. Over the past 15 years he went through about a dozen prostheses that were specially made for him, as well as daily care in placing him in his prosthesis in the morning and removing it at night. He suffered through many wounds to his stump in the process, but his wounds would heal with treatment. Recently, however, his wounds were getting harder to heal and his health began to suffer with the diagnosis of Cushing Disease. After extensive soul searching and discussions with our vet, we all came to the conclusion that it would be best for Henry to be put down. I had a very close and personal bond with Henry, and I will miss his hugs and kisses in the days and months ahead. Henry was well known by many people around the country, and his special loving personality will be missed by all, but especially me.

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Henry's Pedigree

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