Gibbs' Story

Appalachian Farmstead's Nicholas Gibbs

Gibbs is a beautiful dark brown gelding with bright, white points born on August 11, 2018. His daddy is WLDF Tin Roof Sunday, four time ACOSA National Champion Jack and multiple NMDA halter champion. His mother is Farmstead's Moonpie, a consistent winner for several years for Appalachian Farmstead, having been Grand Champion at the Tennessee State Fair, Reserve Champion at the Great Celebration, and High Point Jennet for Tennessee. Gibbs has the sweet disposition of his daddy, and he makes quick friends with whoever happens to be in the pen with him. Gibbs and his buddy, Farmstead's WIlliam Bean, have found a forever home with the Lewis family in North Carolina.

Gibbs' Pedigree

Gibbs' Pedigree

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